Who we are

The Firm

Our story dates back to 1974 when two people fond of motors, remote controls and model cars met one of them was working in a firm which processes and thermo-moulds plastics. Not long after this meeting they got the idea of forming a society for producing car bodies and accessories for model cars. At that time plastic (ABS) substituted fibreglass in the production of model cars. In this sector, at the beginning of the 1970s, model car bodies made from a new plastic material (polycarbonate) were arriving from America. The first Italian polycarbonate car body a Lotus Formula 1 - was created in 1976 and published in the Florentine magazine "Modellistica" in 1977. When a third person (a toy representative) joined the society in 1979 Delta Plastic s.n.c. was created. The firm dealt exclusively with models until 1983, the year in which two of the original partners decide to change directions for various reasons. From that year onwards Delta Plastic s.n.c. began to branch out into other sectors.

Range of products

  • Modelling sector

    Model car bodies and accessories, carrying cases for models and tyres, remote control cases, accessories for model aeroplanes, cables in ABS for creating circuits ...

  • Lighting sector

    Opaque and transparent polycarbonate ceiling lights for : Train wagons, buses, boats, anti-fog road signs, campers, slide projectors, overhead projectors...

  • Silverware sector

    Picture frames, clock surrounds, wedding keepsakes, ring trays, ornamental boxes, etc in velvety PST.

  • Food sector

    Plastic PET food trays for sliced salami and ham. Containers for fruit, vegetables, meat, fish, etc. Polycarbonate moulds for making chocolate Easter eggs, cutlery trays for drawers.

  • Blister sector

    Transparent PVC blisters in any form and size.

  • Technical items sector

    Dashboards, panels, cases, telephone switchboard consoles, hulls for hydro-washers, lawn mowers, diggers and bulldozers, tool cases, bas-relief posters...

  • Motorbike sector

    Hulls and windscreens for mini-motorbikes, helmet accessories, front headlight covers, polycarbonate visors...